Mexican Torta With Eggs, Chorizo And Frijoles

Torta de huevos con chorizo y frijoles

+-*I’m a BUSH’S® Beans Blogger Ambassador. I received products and compensation. The recipe and all opinions are mine and have not been edited by others. When living in Texas, it is impossible not to be seduced by the Mexican and Tex-Mex food, many times when we go out to eat we end up in a Mexican […]

Chard Sauteed With Chorizo

Guiso de acelga, receta chilena

+-*I love swiss chard, and I come to think that my grandmother must had also been a BIG fan because it was present in almost all her signature dishes. She was a great cook, and I grew up in her kitchen. She also have a famous wicked sense of humor, playing practical jokes on all her […]

Gluten Free Carrot Cake

Queque de zanahoria para celiacos

+-*Several people have asked me for recipes without gluten, and this recipe from one of my friends naturally complies with that requirement. It is delicious and not too sweet, and therefore I recommend to not skip the chocolate coating because it makes for a richer and more spectacular cake. Also the chocolate seals it, preserving the […]

Lemon Pisco Sour Cake (video)

Torta de limón o pisco sour

+-*The second promised recipe for Mother’s Day. You’ll love this Lemon Pisco Sour Cake. It’s delicious, simple, and fresh; perfect for summer celebrations. But you must use natural lemons or limes juices, no concentrate please, to get the best taste in the cake. You can make the lemon curd two weeks in advance and keep refrigerated or frozen. […]

Raspberry Dulce de Leche Napoleon


+-*This week will be one with 2 sweet recipes to celebrate Mother’s Day. To begin, this dessert is very simple and delicious. The phyllo layers can be baked ahead and just assembled on Sunday before serving. This year, to celebrate the Mother’s Day, I asked my husband to go for lunch at a community for adults […]

Beet soup

Sopa de betarraga

+-*I love beets, and if you don’t agree please get yourself some fresh beets and try this soup. There’s a world of difference in flavor and taste when you compare fresh beets to old, you’ll be surprised. How to tell? Always buy beets with the tops still attached, you can use the leaves in the […]

Lentil Soup With Swiss chard, Chilean Recipe

Lentil Soup

+-*  Lentils have always been my favorite kind of legume and sometimes I crave them.  Hence this soup, which also helps me use all the chard coming in the farm share lately. Generally, this soup starts with the typical Chilean “sofrito”: onions, carrots and celery. But since I did not had celery on hand, I cut […]

Easy Pisco Sour

Pisco Sour, receta fácil

+-*Pisco sour is THE drink in Chile, it is the drink of choice both in restaurants and at family gatherings. This is the recipe we prepare at home: easy and delicious. Here in the US it is increasingly easy to find pisco at liquor stores and if you live in Texas I recommend going to Spec’s. I […]