Creamy Raspberry Popsicles

Helado de palito de frambuesa cremoso

Growing up, I lived in an apartment building near the main square of Rancagua and ,of course, across the corner was a candy store. I loved to go down and buy an ice cream when I had money. Popsicles always brought many memories of summer holidays in Chile and my favorite flavors. For a long time my favorite popsicle ice […]

Mashed White Beans

Puré de porotos o frijoles blancos

Usually I do not talk much about my daily life in the blog … as you know I’m a mom of two girls and volunteer in my Community Gardens, as a coordinator I have to buy supplies, budget, coordinate volunteers and activities and also I have this blog where I share my recipes: it implies grocery shopping, […]

Chilean Carica Upside Down Cake GF

Queque de papaya

It’s graduation time in the US and my husband invited one of his students who just received her doctorate for dinner with her husband and her sister. One guest was allergic to gluten, but, as Julia Child says “A party without cake is just a meeting,”, so we had to have some kind of cake […]

Quinoa Stew or Quinotto

Guiso de quinoa y acelga

From time to time, we have foreign guests for dinner. Houston is a city that receives many people from other countries for periods of 2-4 years, many come to work, while others come to study and some stay as we did. This time, the guests were two German men and two Chinese women. On these […]

Beet Paste


Lately, I have been dreaming of making quince paste… and then eating it with cheese, a very popular combination in South America, Spain and Portugal. Quince paste and Havarti cheese was my favorite sandwich to bring to school growing up, much like a PB&J. Here in Houston, when I see quince at the store, it […]

Lucuma Tres Leches

Tres leches de lúcuma

Try this new and improved Lucuma Tres Leches. Lucuma is a super fruit from South America, it tastes like caramel and you can buy it as a puree or powder. Living in Houston,Tres Leches is ubiquitous and we enjoy it often when eating out. In this version, the cake is super fluffy and moist, but […]

Mexican Torta With Eggs, Chorizo And Frijoles

Torta de huevos con chorizo y frijoles

I’m a BUSH’S® Beans Blogger Ambassador. I received products and compensation. The recipe and all opinions are mine and have not been edited by others. When living in Texas, it is impossible not to be seduced by the Mexican and Tex-Mex food, many times when we go out to eat we end up in a Mexican […]

Chard Sauteed With Chorizo

Guiso de acelga, receta chilena

I love swiss chard, and I come to think that my grandmother must had also been a BIG fan because it was present in almost all her signature dishes. She was a great cook, and I grew up in her kitchen. She also have a famous wicked sense of humor, playing practical jokes on all her […]