Easy Pisco Sour

Pisco Sour, receta fácil

+-*Pisco sour is THE drink in Chile, it is the drink of choice both in restaurants and at family gatherings. This is the recipe we prepare at home: easy and delicious. Here in the US it is increasingly easy to find pisco at liquor stores and if you live in Texas I recommend going to Spec’s. I […]

Easy Dulce de Leche Flan

Leche asada de manjar, receta chilena

+-*Today is “National Chilean Cuisine Day”, and I think this is a classic Chilean dessert perfect for celebrating. I always loved it and it is delicious. It brings so many happy memories from my aunt’s place, where fruit was never an acceptable dessert… (old times). What I love about this dessert is that I usually have […]

Easy Baklava Rolls

Dulces árabes, receta fácil

+-*I love sweet crunchy treats, especially if they are easy to put together and taste amazing. In Chile this kind of pastry is very popular. I grew up eating them. I don’t remember doing it at home… but maybe I’m wrong. I left you a video, but keep in mind that the size of the phyllo […]

Lemon Quinotto

Quinotto al limón

+-*Being from central Chile, quinoa is something I have tried for the first time here in the US and in recent years when it became famous. At home we like it a lot, and when I went to Chile for our December holiday I brought a bag of quinoa in 3 colors. Since I grow […]

Dulce de Leche Panna Cotta

Panna cotta de manjar

+-*Every year at my daughter’s school, there is a dinner to thank the people who donate money to the school. This year I offered to make the dessert. The menu was Italian, with lasagna, so I made this Dulce de Leche panna cotta and it was a great success. The texture of Panna cotta is key […]

Langostino Tails Appetizers

Tacitas de coctel rellenas con langostinos

+-*My mom, for a while, made cocktail food for her friends. I used to help with canapés, filling cookies with jam or dulce de leche and of course making this classic Chilean appetizer in puff pastry cups … in fact we once bought a new brand and when we had already filled them, we realized that the dough was […]

Langostino Tails Salad

Ensalada langostinos chilenos

+-*I wanted to make this salad using as many Chilean products as I had on hand, I looked in my pantry and found rica-rica olive oil, a syrup I bought  in Northern Chile, of course mote (wheat berries), and merquén (Chilean chili powder) and I was just lucky to find frozen langostino tails at Costco. They […]

Fresh Fettuccine

Fideos caseros

+-*My husband has Italian blood and for him there is nothing like eating fresh pasta and homemade noodles. This recipe is a classic in our house. As with many homemade doughs, this recipe is not completely accurate, the amount of water and flour will depend on the moisture of the day and the flour you are […]