Egg and Palm Hearts Spread

Pasta de huevo y palmito para canape

Canapés are a must in the end of year celebrations in Chile, especially for  New Year, my family always had canapés and sweet treats to toast to the New Year. This spread with palm hearts and eggs is rich and easy to make. This spread can be made without the eggs, using cream cheese and palm hearts, […]

Easy Cherry Kuchen

Kuchen de cerezas

Cherry, peach, poppy seed, blackberry, blueberry, walnut, apple, cheese kuchenes, and many others are traditional in southern Chile, are consumed throughout Chile and are often the star of our teatime. We love them! I did this particular one in a square pan because I wanted it to be easier to cut and eat by hand. […]

Lomito, Chilean sandwich

Lomito sandwich

This recipe is sponsored by The National Pork Board. The most classic Chilean sandwich, and probably the most famous too and certainly for me the most delicious: Lomito. The lunch of choice in Chile when  in a hurry, the obligatory stop at a soda fountain or a glorious cafeteria to eat Lomito, ready in a few minutes thanks to the […]

Homemade Wine Jelly

Jalea de vino

Each month, I participate in the BRBC Challenge. The BRBC is a website where Chilean bloggers collaborate in preserving classic Chilean recipes. This month we have concentrated on jams, jellies and culinary gifts, other years I have made these recipes: honeydew syrup and spaghetti squash preserve. This year I wanted to make a recipe that has become fashionable […]

Chilean Causeo Salad


The Chilean causeo is a salad which traditionally includes some protein to serve as a complete meal. Most traditional causeos have pig’s feet, previously cooked and chopped or pork head cheese. Causeos usually have onions and tomatoes, seasoned with lemon juice, oil and Chilean seasoning (a mixture of ground oregano, cumin, coriander, black pepper, garlic powder, chili powder and salt). […]

Chocolate salame cookies

Salame de chocolate y galletas

This recipe is sponsored by Kraft®. Another easy cookie for your holiday parties and cookie exchanges. This traditional chocolate salami will be part of our Thanksgiving dinner. Thanksgiving is a holiday that we have adopted with my immigrant Chilean family, I love celebrating the harvest and giving thanks for the abundance. We celebrate at home, with an early […]

Mackerel Dip

Pasta para canapés de Jurel

Mackerel, when mentioning this traditional Chilean fish it’s impossible not to recall the famous marketing strategy during the 80’s when to the company advertised it as “salmon mackerel” to make it sound elegant. In Chile, the mackerel had a reputation as a fish for the poor, but not anymore, now mackerel is well regarded and not […]