Easy Thousand Layers Cake

Torta Pompadour de guinda

This is the summer version of my traditional Thousand Layers with cream cake.  I just bought the puff pastry in the supermarket and instead of spending a whole afternoon baking the thousand layers, I just assembled this quick and easy cake. This kind of cake is extremely popular in Chile where the combination of many doughs, jams, [...]

Where to eat at San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

Hotel Cumbres San Pedro de Atacama

This was a spectacular vacation, San Pedro de Atacama is a beautiful place, and for the first time we took our daughters out of Santiago, the capital, to begin to understand and appreciate Chile. Houston and Santiago are very alike and going there has always been a bit more of the same. I was intrigued about what [...]

Cold tomato soup

Sopa fría de Tomates

The tomato season in Houston is short, but delicious. Growing tomatoes here begins in February and harvest is usually May/June. During the summer the plants continue to produce, but the quality of tomatoes goes down faster with the oppressive heat. This year, I planted several varieties, because I like testing and figuring out my favorites, a [...]

Homemade Mango Gummies

Frugelé, gomitas caseras

One of the things I miss most  living in the USA are the packaged sweets that I used to eat as a kid in Chile. Things like Sunny, Super8, Negritas, Traga-Tragas, Rayitas, Cola de tigre  and Frugelé. This recipe is for one flavor, but you may substitute the fruit juice for another variety and in some cases as [...]

The Woodshed Smokehouse, Fort Worth


Last month, we went for a short vacation to Fort Worth. I had been to Dallas a couple of times and never liked it too much, but my friends kept saying Fort Worth was different and we indeed felt a different vibe to the city. We had a very nice dinner at The Woodshed Smokehouse. [...]

Garlicky green beans

Ensalada de porotos verdes al ajo

Green beans have never been my favorite vegetable, but as they came in the basket of the week from the Farm Share (Plant it Forward), I started thinking how I use to eat them as a girl and I remembered my grandfather who is a lover of garlic, you may remember when it was super trendy eating garlic because [...]

Strawberry Chilean dessert

Bavarois de frutilla

A classic and easy dessert that I recommend for people who are just venturing into the kitchen. It is also inexpensive and has a very nice presentation. In the 80s, they had special molds for these Bavarian desserts, in Chile they were quite popular. I remember my mom, grandmother and aunts had special tupperware plastic molds with shapes [...]